di Ciscognetti Matilde

Anno: 2021
E-book ISBN: 978-88-6932-256-3
E-book prezzo: 4.99 €


These fables, conceived like allegoric stories, are characterized by a constant reflection about the meaning of one’s life through figures of fancy and real imagines. It is a mythological picture, optimistic essentially, which evidences the power that everyone can experiment and express in his short but intense existence.

Among the important prices this book has got, we cite, the Pr. ‘ALIAS’ in Melbourne, Australia. It has been catalogued in many libraries, also abroad, and used in some schools for didactic aims.

First edition in English language July 2021. Translation made by the Authoress.

First edition printed in Italian language by Tracce Edizioni in1998.

Cover ‘Fishermen’ (Pescatori) by Matilde Ciscognetti, water-colour and distemper.

We rely on the reader’s comprehension who will excuse for eventual mistakes of typewriting due to this economic edition realized in this particular and difficult social contest.




Which love is more                           


than the one of the leaf

that, still alive,

chooses the death

                                                   to follow the wind?...